Shop Expo 16-134618Shop Expo 16-134618

Looking for your photos? 

Click here to view Shopping Expo 2016's photos!

Then click on the date you attended next click on the time the image was taken (should be written on the back of your card)


Did you buy a digital photo at the show? 
Below is how to download it!

How to use your Download Code:

1. Go to

2. Click on “View Your Photos”

3. Enter in “ShoppingExpo2016”

4. You’ll see the dates from the event, click the date of attendance

5. Click on the time that photos where taken (note the time was written on your card)

6. Once you have your photo up click “buy” button at the top right 

7. Select Download then Original.

8. Checkout

9. Use the coupon code WD**** OR WS**** OR WP**** This will make the purchase $0.00 for prepaid downloads.

10. Check your email. You will get the link sent to you via email with the FULL RESOLUTION Image. The watermark will be removed at this point.

At questions or need help feel free to contact us at or by phone at 513-324-7765