About the classes:

Hello! My name is AJ Waltz I am the owner/photographer here at Waltz Photography LLC. This will be my third time teach these classes with the other 2 going over with much success! I have been doing professional photography for several years now. I primarily shoot corporate, High School Seniors and Weddings, however i also do whatever comes my way! I am mainly self-taught through many hours of trial and error plus lots of research. Through these classes I will be teaching you a little of what I have learned to help you learn more about this great art! I hope to see you in class! 


"The Let's Get Started" 

This class is intended for someone who just got a new camera and needs a walk through. In this one day class we will meet at the studio and go through menu and modes of the camera. You will learn when and why to use each mode. After the overview of the cameras we do some shooting with them a see the difference in the modes. Then you'll be tested through different mock situations! After and during the class you may ask any question you may have over your camera!

"Say 'No' to Auto"

In this class learn what the camera is thinking and hour to tell it to see what you are seeing. Sometimes the camera gets what we see wrong and there is nothing more irritating then getting that perfect shot then looking at it just to find the camera didn't get what you saw! You'll get learn how to tell the camera what to do and how to shoot putting you in charge of the image and not the camera. The first class will take place in our studio and will be more class room style when we go over all the vocabulary and techniques. The 2 classes fallowing will be all hands on classes. We go over shooting on priority, aperture priority, shutter priority, and manual. After each class you will have a home work assignment going over what was taught. These are short fast and fun assignments and things you can do around your house! 

"Light it Right" 

This class is meant for the person who wants to learn how to take their photography to the next level and build a strong base to learn more! This class is all hands on and builds off the "Say 'No' to Auto".  The first week we will go over how to use reflector and you will get to make your vary own! Plus we will go over nature lighting and where to place a subject for best lighting. The 2nd week we will go over constant lighting. Then you will get to go home and make a at home studio for $10* from walmart using everyday items! Then the 3rd week will be flashes/review! 

On July 12th we will be have an art show from everyone in the classes! 

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​*$10 is an estaminet 


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