About Waltz Photography LLC 

AJ Waltz is the owner and head photographer of Waltz Photography. While AJ is just 26 years of age he has accomplished quite a lot. He got started in photography after receiving his first camera for Christmas when he was just 15 years old. AJ enjoyed taking landscape images and photos of his friends for fun in the beginning. Then at the age of 16 with encouragement from friends and family, he set out to create a profitable business out of his hobby.  He spent a few months reinvesting his earnings, then purchased a better camera and set high goals. Before he graduated from high school in 2013, AJ earned his Eagle Scout award, won the Maverick Challenge (an Entrepreneurship Challenge), and opened a studio in downtown Lawrenceburg.

Waltz Photography sets itself apart from others by listening to clients' common complaints and bettering his customer service. Some common complaints are that photographers are too expensive, unreliable, prints are pricey, and poses are not natural. With Waltz Photography, photo shoots more affordable for everyone, such as Senior Photos starting at just $99, and prints are priced at or below industry standards. Waltz Photography prides itself on its reliability and professionalism. They use a unique personality-posing technique that is evident throughout the images because they feel photos should be natural for the client, show their individual personalities, and not cookie cutter poses.  

Waltz Photography’s reputation has earned clients such as L-Brand's Victoria's Secret, Perfect North Slopes, Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, POPS Orchestra, May Festival Chorus, Rand Paul for President, and numerous fortune 500 companies. AJ & Waltz Photography specialize in Headshot Photos and Corporate Imaging.  Additionally, Waltz Photography does Wedding Photography, Senior Photos, other Event Photography and much more.

The next time you are in need of a photography service, contact AJ Waltz of Waltz Photography!