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Class of 2022, THIS IS YOUR YEAR!


Many lifelong decisions will be made this year - like where you go to college, who to ask to senior prom, who takes your senior photos. You may think your senior photos are just pictures but they represent you, your hobbies, sports, fashions, etc. Senior portraits capture 2022 -- trends of the time from hairstyles to clothing styles. You will look back at these photos to tell your story as you are today. Having a professional photographer capture YOU with just the right lighting in the perfect settings will outlast the test of time.

Waltz Photography wants you to have professional photos taken without asking the bank for a loan! Starting at just $99 we can accommodate almost any budget. With over 12 years of experience in senior photos, Waltz Photography's gallery will surprise and impress you. All of our photo shoots are uniquely crafted towards the person in front of our camera: from the location you choose, props you add, and to the poses that fit your personality. Each photo is lighted with precision and captured with top-of-the-line photographic equipment. You will also find that at Waltz Photography we let YOU be in control of the picture package - no more packages containing 40 wallets when all you wanted was an 8x10!  You select the print style and size you want because everything is a-la-cart and affordable. No sales pressure as you choose and order from your own computer at home.






Call today and have the professionals at Waltz Photography tell the story of your senior year! 


















What are "Gallery Credits"? Where do the photos get taken?
Can I get a CD of all the photos? What about the weather?
• How do I book my shoot? • What do I wear?
• How many outfits should i bring? • Where do I change?
• How much are the photos? • Whats an online gallery?
• How do I pay? • How many photos are taken?
• What is edited in the photos? • Can someone else also be in a few photos? 











What is "Gallery Credits" ?!


Gallery Credits are like print credits, but better! After the shoot all of your photos go into an online gallery where they will be forever. This allows you to look through all the images and when you are ready to place your order for prints, downloads, books, and much more! The best part? No rush! You can places as many orders as you want orders or as few as you would like. Once you have chosen the images you want you'll proceed to check-out and use a unique code given to you at the shoot to receive your credits off. The Gallery Credits work like a gift card so if you don't use it all your first trip you can use them your second. Click the link below to see a sample gallery along with prices for prints and other unique printing options too! 

CLICK HERE to view a sample gallery and prices






Where do the photos get taken?


This is always an import question of where! The answer is where would you like to have them taken?! What expressing you and who you are? Maybe sports are your thing, your high school field, court, or pool might be the best place to express your personality. Maybe family is big to you and the family farm has meaning or your house. Maybe you like nature and outdoors are the perfect spot for you. Like books? The library could be a perfect place. Like an edgy look? How about bricks with graffiti? The photos should express you and what you like. Although we do have a studio we like on location for senior photos to help express you! We can go anywhere that is public or private (with written permission from property owner) within 35 miles from Lawrenceburg, IN at no additional fee. Multiple locations can be done however travel time is included in shoot time. Example: 2-hour shoot would start once shoot begins at location A. there for 50 mins travel time to location B. 20 mins shoot time at location B is 50 mins. When booking we will ask you the above questions and come up with the prime location for your shoot!


Can I get a CD of all the photos?




We don't sell CD however you can purchase digital downloads of the photos. Each photo cost $25 for the download. You can view all the unedited images on your personal online gallery. Once you purchase the $25 download per photo the photo you purchased will be edited and send to you along with the rights to reproduce the image. 

What about the weather?
Well give you a call 3-4 days out from your shoot and confirm the details and check the weather. We'll shoot as long as it's not raining. If its cold out bring a jacket we can leave it out of the photos if needed.






To book your shoot,


Call us at 513-324-7765








The photo shoot will be conducted on location for the amount of purchased time. After photo shoot images will be uploaded to the online gallery within 48 hours. Clients will be given a gallery code to view images. After images are purchased the images will be edited to enhance the natural beauty of the image. To make these purchases you may use the Gallery Credit included with most packages!


* up to 35 miles from zip 47025 with no extra charge