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2016 High School Senior Representative Program by Waltz Photography



Welcome class of 2016! Your senior year is full of awesome and great adventures! You have many things to look forward to this year, one of the most exciting things is your Senior Photos! Senior photos are great to use to document this time in your life and express your personality. Here at Waltz Photography we take  great pride in making our senior photos very special and to showcase you! 




This year we are looking for up to 12 Senior Reps. 


1 boy 1 girl from South Dearborn High school

1 boy 1 girl from East Central High School

1 boy 1 girl from Lawrenceburg High School 

1 boy 1 girl from William Henry Harrison High School

1 boy 1 girl from Taylor High School

1 boy 1 girl from Oldenburg Academy High School






What will being a Senior Rep. get you?! 



-->   CASH.   Photo Shoot.   Prints  <--


Cash- 5% cash back on booking seniors off your rep cards. 

50% off your Senior Photo Shoot

15% off your first print/ download order

See rules and limitations for details.




How to apply



By e-mail (info@waltzphotos.com) or Facebook message June 5th 2015 at 10pm. 




What to Include?

   3 of your best “Selfies” (these must just be you, also may not be professional photos)

   Your full name 

   E-mail address 

   Phone number


   Extra-curricular actives/ community involvement   

   A max. 125 character bio about yourself







   A submitted image along only with student's first name, school, and bio will be posted to our Facebook page.


   As a senior rep applicant you can share, tag, and promote your image to try and get the most “likes” on your photo (on our Facebook page and Instagram), and/or retweets on our tweeter page!


   Online voting will start June 7th and go through 10pm on June 10th!




How will Senior reps be chosen?

   Waltz Photography will then choose the Senior reps based on:
   Number of votes on images

   Number and types of extra- curricular actives/ community involvement  

   And over all strength of bio


   Winners will be announced on June 12th.

Please note: Not everyone who applies will be excepted however just for applying you will receive a coupon good for 20% a senior shoot! (Doesn't hurt to apply!)





Rules and limitations   


Senior reps will be provided with senior rep cards to hand out to other high school seniors. The cards will have the senior rep’s name on it along with a 5% discount off the shoot fee for the booking senior. When the card is provided, the high senior rep will receive 5% of the shoot fee once payed in full. Program will run from 6/15/15-5/31/16 High school senior reps will receive 50% off their senior photo shoot! Also will receive 15% off their first print or download order. 



Senior Rep. cards most be mentioned during booking. Cards must be presented at the shoot. If 2 or more rep cards are presented the 5% cash will be divided between the reps. The 5% is cash back on the shoot fee received, ONLY. Checks will be mailed out the first of every month. If over $600 an W-9 along with a 1099-MISC will be issued to senior rep. Senior Rep will work as independent contractors.  Waltz Photography receives the right to remove a senior rep at anytime for any reason.  Reps must live within the school district for all of the 2016 school year. Senior reps. may not work or be a senior rep for any other photographer. Waltz Photography has the rights to use submitted images. Waltz Photography also has the rights to use Senior Photos for publications and marketing.  Person information such as, E-mail address, phone number, and full name will be kept confidential.